Facebook Solutions

Facebook Real Estate Applications

In an industry first, iAgent Solutions has launched a real estate facebook applications enabling a real estate agent to promote their brand, property listings and agent profiles through their facebook business page. The applications will automate the process of managing these business pages and will also provide a better user experience for browsers of these pages.

Content for the pages is automatically sent through from the agent’s property listing system and we’ve created forms to allow visitors to contact you directly from facebook which allows you to track which property listing there enquiry was submitted for.


Facebook is the 2nd largest site in the World (only behind Google) and has an audience of over 500 million. This huge online audience provides an excellent opportunity for real estate agents to market their brand and properties. Until now, there has not been an effective and automated means for real estate agencies to market their listings or agent credentials to this audience. The iAgent Solutions facebook applications change this, allowing you to automatically market to this audience.


iAgent Facebook Applications

There are 4 applications which can be placed on your facebook business page. Each app added to your business page will create a link on the right hand navigation menu. You then have the ability to hide tabs or rearrange them as needed. Facebook business pages are very important as you will market these on your website, they’re also frequently visited by facebook users including property seekers and potential vendors.

The apps for your business page are:

  • Automated Property & Article Posts
    – We will automatically post your new property listing and TREB market reports onto your fanpage
  • Featured Properties
    – Displays all your and your brokerages current listings
  • About Us
    – Displays your contact details and profile
  • Contact Us
    – Displays your contact details, locational map and contact form

If you do not already have a facebook business page then included in our setup fee we will create this for you and place a link to it from your website.


Easy Data Integration

Your properties are seamlessly integrated into your facebook business page through XML data feeds from MLS. Meaning you never need to double handle listings as when you load them to MLS they will automatically be sent to your facebook business page.

Capture User Contact Details

All our facebook applications are configured with facebook web forms which users fill in to contact you. You will never miss an enquiry again as all the data submitted through forms are emailed directly to you.